Thursday, 17 January 2013

Home to Melbourne

After heading home from Magic Millions and unable to find my media card, I am sort of over it, and I have to let it go and so too the Tropics.  I am heading back to Fashion HQ in Australia, Melbourne and looking at these photos I get the warm and fuzzies just thinking about it.

I have my Grandma's Tea Cups, Villeroy and Boch (Viex Luxembourg), Waterford Candle holders and not to mention my Global Knives, that I cannot stand to cook without fabulous knives and pans.  It really makes it a treat to make a feast.

Then there are the little things, like the bees on the flowers, which I am going to attempt this year to keep my own hive.  Strawberry and Blueberry Bushes and really the way light reflects in my home.  I have a huge Venetian mirror collection.  I love doing home crafts with my children and knitting rugs for them in Winter.  My daughter becomes crafty and then she retires to her own little wooden kitchen to snap up a meal.  

I love you Tropical North Queensland, but I detest the rainy monsoon season, so until sunshine is looming near, I will be down in Melbourne awaiting your sunny skies. 

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