Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013, Year of all things Silly and Happy

Coming into 2013 I look back on a horrible year, yet I know I am not alone as everyone is telling me of the horrible year they have had. Yesterday after seeing a doctor, I was told to embrace my silly side.
“My husband asked if they had seen my show, or know who I am?”
But really, I think I have just been too serious over the past 6 months with exception to when I have a hat on my head that I then deem it totally appropriate to act like a total nut case.
Mothers will know, the trouble we go to, in order to keep the Christmas Spirit alive for our youngsters with Father Christmas. After trying to make the whole day so perfect, I had forgotten that I should have tried to make a trap with my 4 year old to try and capture Santa.

At one stage during Spring Racing Carnival, I was standing there interviewing a reasonably famous person, who was so incredibly boring and dull. No! I am not going to tell you who it was, but it was not a milliner. During this time, I really did feel like saying, “What on earth are you here for?”.
This person was not having fun and I really felt like telling this person just to enjoy or go home! “I thought why I am I doing this?”, I don't think this Interview will be aired, as you can see the boredom on my face. I really think, I don't care how famous you may be, but if you really are miserable, I just cannot be around you.

I declare that 2012 was definitely about bringing back the hat, and baby, “The Hat is BACK!!”.
When you see me don't be scared, BUT, there will be more than likely allot of silliness in my head just waiting to get out.
Yesterday, by the resort pool, I just thought I would check in on my powers of 'Silly' and shout out “Naked Wednesday” by the pool while riding my pink cherry bike. I thought “Yes, I can do this.” I am back.
2013 is officially 'The Year of Silliness”

In order to embrace the stupidity of this year, act randomly and on a whim. At no time shall you harm another physically or mentally, that is not part of the silly practice. That is mean!

But any time you have a whim to do something silly for no reason, do it, I dare you!

Click Here to Read about one of the funniest pranks I have ever done with well only really me laughing, but I still laugh about it to the day.  This poor woman, still thinks she was on some sort of hidden camera TV show.

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