Sunday, 28 June 2015

Copy Cats? Is it flattery? Is it Innovation?? Is it Stealing?? What do you think?

Today Anthony Capon a prominent Melbourne designer who was in Project Runway Australia posted this image of a friend's (Craig Braybrook's) winning Racewear attire and then paired with a comment that it can be done cheaper.
There have been many comments, and as we know there is no copyright in this sort of design, see this article for a good inside on Copyright in Design. 
Here have been some comments so far, but is it fair that no one is making money right now and they feel the right to be able to innovate designs?  Is it Ok that larger chain stores to this and people purchase inferior products?
Personally I prefer to purchase the real thing from the artist, but that is just me.  Dare I say my industry in full of Copy Cats and the Millinery Industry full of Innovators, I would love to know what you think, but really it is a very grey area.

After being signed to one of the largest music publishing companies in the world my copyrights for my work are steadfast, but you always have admirers and wannabe's who wish to pick up on your band wagon.  Be it in music, millinery, design or thought, I think it comes down to personal integrity.  Purchasing a copy designer bag may give you some sort of feel good walking through the shopping centre and keeping up with the Jones's, but every item, bag, hat, or attire to me comes with a memory where it has been purchased in conjunction with anniversary, child or hearing a story and wanting to focus on an artist.

The perfect example is Jason Gretch's head wear purchased from Richard Nylon.  This piece is amazing and evokes so many emotions when I see it.  There is no way I could go to another designer and ask to make something similar, that would make me in my eyes a bad person, so I went straight to Richard and asked about the piece.  Luckily Jason Grech who is an amazing generous gentleman chose to share it with me to wear at Royal Ascot where it is in the top 20 hats at Royal Ascot.  This is what Art is about to me.  Showcasing the designer you love and showing it to people, bringing new ideas forward, not to be copied, but to inspire people that it is ok to move forward in a different direction of fashion.

I would love to hear what you think, and everyone is entitled to an opinion.  This is just mine and it is not gospel, just an opinion.

Above Jason Gretch's Model in Richard Nylon Hat for Design Awards at Melbourne Cup Carnival 2014

Anna Mott at Royal Ascot wearing Richard Nylon Hat loaned from Jason Grech

Here is some of the comments on Anthony Capon's page in regard, we love opinion.

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