Thursday, 6 June 2013

Who and What Are We Judging?

I have detoxed massively from the Western Pop Culture of Kardashian, Tabloid Fodder and TV to me that really does not count to me.
I have been jumping into myself in the love of my children and husband and getting crafty and really learning to love and enjoy what I am doing.
When people read my blog and look at pictures that they would think are selected for 'Glossy Magazine' I sit here in a nightie glad I am out of bed after a bout of Gastro, praying my children would not catch this dreaded bug, and nursing a slipped disc from last Monday.
Mother hood is the secret of super hero, when I see Bruce Willis and various hero entities blowing up as many petrol fuel machines as possible. I look at my husband thinking he is like a grown child watching batman without the glorious robes. (although I love watching him looking at his grown superhero)
I now look at women so differently as I did growing up when I was insecure and judging myself on how I judged others and it was because people around me were teaching me to judge others. Judge their clothes, judge their speech and education levels. Today I am pleased to say, I do not judge people. I do become hurt by their actions at times, but I allow them to be who they want to be. This is a blessing to come across different people and loves some and not feel so fondly of others. I have taken hate and jealousy out of my life at the age of 33 due to life changing experience. The experience was tragic and I would never ask anyone to relive and today would even test myself to the limit. Life is so much easier without those two emotions, SO MUCH EASIER!
Two simple emotions that harbour in your chest manifest and grow and only harm yourself. During my early 20s I was constantly judging myself, looking at others wondering why others are loved and liked and I was not. I was looking to be fashionable, trendy and fabulous, in trying so hard I was miserable. I was a big fashion NO NO! LOL in fact when I think back LMAO!
It was not getting married and meeting the man I will spend the rest of my life with, and it was not having children and my figure changing. It was thinking. I am the best me I want to be. I have often questioned myself during my 30s, on a path wondering on different tracks and I have not always taken the correct ones, but I allow myself to see where a path will take me. It may get darker as you step further, but there is always light. Never be scared to step ahead as a step is growth, if we stay stagnant in the same spot we will wither and die with the same opinions and doubts.
My path today is a day of growth, watching my children talking about fruit and tulip bulbs burst through the ground to find light.
Today, contemplate what is important, to you. What is important is ladies of age. Age and Wisdom is not a curse in fact I find it a nurturing support to want to be there one day. In our day and age, we are often taken from our loved ones on earth too soon. I don't want to look better, be thinner, be more sophisticated, I just want to be me. I want to like me, and I do. Sometimes done up with make up and fabulous frocks, I feel a million dollars, but in saying that I would rather be sitting in my comfy nightie. Lol
But when we can feel good, or great about ourselves, we should. As women we should love and care for our youth and look at their beauty and see they are young women they are fine just the way they are, the same for ladies of more mature years. We should show respect and look at their beauty and lines constructively. This has been a life time of love, heat ache, tears and happiness. Everyone has a story. Instead of judging the outfit that gets changed all the time, there is a person who is individual and has a story to tell.
Next time you go to think, “Oh my goodness, How could she wear that?”, you are only judging yourself and what you would feel like in that outfit. Welcome that everyone has the right to wear what they want without sniggered remark.

How beautiful to write this now this watching my children dancing to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.

Racing Fashion Loves Angelina Jolie

Racing Fashion, with my bust line merely coming to Samantha Harris Waist, we stand together as two people and I admire her so much.  She is stunningly gorgeous and beautiful and then flashes through her I phone to show her two favourite feline freinds 'Sparticus and Hercules'.

Samantha Harris, a beautiful face, a beautiful body and a beautiful soul.

More beauty of the new cast of  'Underbelly, Squizzy, who was a pleasure to chat with for Racing Fashion TV.  Beautiful faces that we all look different and all have something special that makes us beautiful.

Photos by the Fabulous Matt Wren.

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