Friday, 1 February 2013

G'Day from Australia. x

To my dear friends all over the world,

Some have a funny idea of what Australia is, and yes we are a country of beautiful cities and fabulous fashion and we love all our over seas guests.
When I have been over seas in the past, I was always asked, "Do you have Kangaroos in your backyard?"?
Well, the answer is now "Yes!"

This is not my home, but one of my families, that is on the outskirts of Melbourne in the Hills.
They care for animals that are native to Australia, so I thought that I would take you with me to see some Australian wild life that live in their home and care for them 24/7 making sure they are cared for and sometimes fed every 2 hours to keep them alive through the night.
Although I adore the cuddles and cuteness of the Australian Bush Babies, this is a job that I would love but would not have the heart to do, as many animals your grow to love and then you wake up and they have not made it.  I would be in a mess of tears.

This is a very real house, with as many as 20 bush babies running or jumping around the house at a time.  When I arrived, there was 'Tilly' the Wombat who was found at 1/2 a kilo and is now 2 1/2 kilos and will grow to 20 kilo.  She was hit by a car.
Then the little Wallaby is still in a humidy crib, where you can reach in, just for feeds and pats.  She has not yet been named and would fit into your hand easily.  She has no fur as she should still be in her mums pouch.
Also I did visit in the chickens and in fact I did have a cuddle with one of the chooks.  They were adorable and very affectionate.
This property is so beautiful and immaculate.  In fact have a look at where a tree has fallen at the front of the property and rather than remove the tree it has been turned into a wood sculpture of Kookaburra's sitting in a tree and then varnished.  Great Up Cylcling!

To all the carers in the world, if you care for bush buddies, babies, or just another human being you are special and give yourself a big hug!  This day was dedicated to my daughter who is hugging the wombat (with the massive claws) and heading to school on Monday, also to my wonderful Jorge of Midence Millinery in Canada and Andre Baxter in Atlanta.
I miss and love you both and Kisses to you both that sometimes you are both busy caring so much for others and your craft that you both forget to hug yourselves.  Kisses to both.

A Huge Congratulations today to the Beautiful Silvana Lovin who was engaged today.  I wish you every happiness for your future.

Anna. x

A fairy home.

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My Daughter holding a baby Wombat

Tilly the Wombat, saved from the road.  Big Claws!

Baby Wallaby in Humidy Crib, size of your palm.

SSShhhhh, Tilly is trying to snooze!

A Cuppa with pikelets at the back door 

The View

Check out the sculpture of the Kookaburra's in wood, made from a tree that had died, you can see the top of the tree fallen at the front just past the entrance.

This piece of wood so looks like a wombat, look at it longer. x

A birds nest that is not the one I was wearing on Melbourne Cup Day.

The sculpture that was a tree.  What a great way to recycle a dead tree. 

Every care is taken in carving these creatures even the paws are the same.

An Aussie Out House, (Toilet)

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  1. How truly, truly wonderful! The good people who care for wildlife really are incredibly kind. It must be a lot of work. That wombat is really something and the creative spirit and beauty in that home...What a treat to visit! xx